Institutional Training

Institutional Training

As most of the industries are driven by latest technological tools, it is important that students and upcoming professionals are trained with the latest technology. Although quality education is provided in all engineering colleges and institutions, it is equally important to learn the CAD tool to sustain yourself in the industry.

What the Industry Demands Now

Apart from engineering skills, industries today look for young engineers who:

  • Have Strong Engineering Fundamentals
  • Possess Communication Skills/ Soft Skills
  • Have Project/ Program Development Skills
  • Are Ready For Deployment, And Productive From Day One
  • Have Cad Software Skills
  • Possess Business Etiquette
  • Are Willing To Master New Skills And Technology
How Apex Consultant’s bridges the skill gap?

Apex Consultant’s is helping students and professionals chase their dream jobs by bridging the gap between industry standards and their knowledge through skill development courses. Apex Consultant’s is one of the most preferred training partners for most of the engineering colleges in Pune.

Our Training Highlights
  • Create custom programs that fill the technical requirement gap.
  • Up-to-date training content offering the latest knowledge at a subsidized cost.
  • Courseware specially prepared for institutional training.
  • CADD’s ita trains and retrains the trainers to deliver top-notch education.
  • Training and certifications partnering with engineering colleges, it institutes, polytechnics, etc.
  • Employability skill development programs for 1st year students.
  • Students no longer need to miss their regular classes and instead get certified on-premises.
Paradigm Shift – Jump Start to Breakthrough Program

This special program offers guidance to all students that have recently completed their school and are ready to join college. This course can be a career shaping assistance at the stage where it becomes extremely difficult for candidates to make choices about degree courses to go for.

Employability Skill Development Program

A student needs to know how to crack an interview to make an entry into the industry. Our course is designed for final year engineering students, which helps them to crack the job interview. Key areas covered under this program are Resume Writing Skills, Interview Skills, Communication Skills, Etiquettes, Group Discussions, Etc.

Customized Training Programs for Engineering Students
  • CIVIL 3D
  • RCDC
  • MSP
  • SAP 2000
  • ERP

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