Urban Design CAD for Civil Engineers Or Civil Engineering

Urban Design CAD for Civil Engineers Or Civil Engineering

There are a wide range of options for urban planners to convey their ideas. Some city planners use traditional drawing methods to visualize their plans, and some use physical mock-ups using 3D elements. However, none of the methods are as efficient as Planning with AutoCad. CAD can be used to create models of streets, buildings, bridges or entire city models. The drawings are in 3D, and they allow the planners to customize and add additional information if necessary. The CAD drawings have cost efficiency of traditional drawings and accuracy of physical mock-ups. For this reason, many city planners are beginning to prefer CAD over other methods.  

Here is an outline of common concepts learned in the Google Sketchup Course :

  • Learn How To Use The Co-Ordinate Systems To Create Objects In Autocad.
  • Learn To Efficiently Navigate Your User Interface.
  • Learn To Use, Manipulate And Style Your Layers.
  • Master The Tools Used In Most Common Drawings.
  • Learn Tools Useful To Make Quick Changes And Elaborate Your Drawings.
  • Learn To Set Up Your Drawing For Printing Or Exporting Into Other Formats.      
Who should enroll for this course?

Whether you are a complete beginner or simply want to brush-up on the basics, this course is for you. This course will help you start your AutoCad learning process from scratch, to advanced level planning. This course is suitable for city planners and freelancers who carry the prime responsibility of planning and executing projects. Professionals and Freelancers who are trying to increase their employability chances by enhancing their skills can find this course useful. The urban design course gives a strong foundation on the 3D modelling skills required to build your own projects.     

How will I benefit?

After the completion of this course, students will be able to.

  • Create 2D drafts
  • Create 3D plans
  • Site Modelling and Landscaping
  • Design and co-ordinate the make-up of cities and towns.
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