RCDC For Civil Engineers Or Civil Engineering

RCDC For Civil Engineers Or Civil Engineering

RCDC is a concrete analysis software which takes your concrete analysis to the next level. RCDC combines the power of structural analysis application with robust concrete design. With RCDC software you can design elements like beam, trusses, columns, walls in an interactive workflow. With the software, you can easily design drawings for beam line elevations, column line elevations, automatic cross section details, and bar termination geometry. Improve your deliverables with easy-to-create individual beam bar bending schedules, column schedule tables and beam schedule tables. Additionally, you will be able to design concrete frame structure, one-click design drawings and fabrication detailing.

Here is an outline of common concepts learned in RCDC software courses:

  • Model Creation And Result Reporting
  • Push-Over Analysis
  • Responsive Spectrum Analysis
  • Responsive History Analysis
  • Analysis And Design Of Structures
  • Simple Beams
Who should enroll for this course?

This classroom training is ideal for anyone who wants to upgrade their skills in Concrete Design. Individuals or designers who have the responsibility of designing concrete elements, such as beam, columns, and walls can opt for this course. This course is also great for organizations who want to increase the efficiency and productivity of the designing process, designers who want to enhance their analytical properties, and builders who want to get a detailed analysis of their structures. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of the software to take full advantage of this course.    

How will I benefit?

After the completion of this course, students will be able to.

  • Create And Save A New Structural Model
  • Draw Grids, Define Storeys, Define Materials
  • Draw Objects In The Structural Engineering Models
  • Select Load Combinations On Practical Structures
  • Improve Multi-Discipline Team Collaboration Through Desktop, Cloud, And Mobile Applications
  • Optimize Concrete And Steel BIM Workflows With Integrated Physical Members And Surfaces
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